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Choosing Dire Ambition as your English programme for Level 1 means that you probably like the world to see you as a political, more socially-conscious type; you’re probably irritated by injustice and your ironic humour has probably got you into trouble on more than one occasion… This programme will explore way ambition can destroy or empower groups and individuals. You’re not here to study English for the sake of it, you’re acquiring a set of skills that you will immediately put to use in life. You’ll need to think fast, question everything and be willing to speak up. You will be asked to challenge yourself as well as others, take risks and show ambition.

We’ll explore modern text communication and online language and compare this with your own speech to learn why, in spite of social attitudes to the contrary, these modern idiolects thrive. 

We’ll read Macbeth and you’ll have the option to explore the impact of unfettered ambition in Lord of the Flies as well as the moral injunctions presented in the film Gattaca and its meditation on the consequences of human ambition. Throughout, you will be practising the key skills required to succeed in the NCEA examinations. In parallel to this everyone will be completing for homework their own longitudinal inquiry by investigating links between self-selected books, films and art and presenting these in written form.


Listen to this course’s companion podcast to help make sense of everything you find published here